• Amy Romano

    Amy Romano

    Midwifing the system. CEO at Primary Maternity Care. www.primarymaternitycare.com

  • Half the Sky

    Half the Sky

    Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. Based on the book by @NickKristof & Sheryl @WuDunn. PBS series Oct. 2012 http://halftheskymovement.org

  • Freda Koomson

    Freda Koomson


  • Lauren Rose Fitzgerald

    Lauren Rose Fitzgerald

  • Daniela Salazar

    Daniela Salazar

  • Debbie Harris

    Debbie Harris

    Photographer, media creative, and writer. Lover of yoga, cycling and fast walking/slow jogging! Check my Blog http://t.co/yoBxcC5a

  • Shumsuzzaman Azad

    Shumsuzzaman Azad

  • We Want #DrTedros4WHODG

    We Want #DrTedros4WHODG

    Dr. Tedros Adhanom, was elected by a majority of World Health Organization member states as the new Director General on May 23, 2017-He’ll take the helm 7/1/17.

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